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17May. 2017

Brand New Jerusalem Music Video by Key Tov Orchestra!

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, Elliot Dvorin and Key Tov Orchestra release the Jerusalem Songs Mashup, which includes some of the most timeless classic songs of Jerusalem. The accompanying music video was filmed in and around the Old City of Jerusalem. This is the second

20Mar. 2017

NEW! Music Video by Key Tov Orchestra: Israel Songs for Peace Mashup!

We are pleased to share the latest music video by Key Tov Orchestra! At the beginning of March, Elliot Dvorin, Key Tov's featured vocalist and bandleader, traveled to Israel to film and produce the Israel Songs for Peace Mashup music video. He worked with a team of talented Israeli dancers to perform

13Mar. 2017

Key Tov Films TWO Music Videos in Israel!

We are pleased to announce that Key Tov will soon be releasing TWO music videos that were recently filmed in Israel! Elliot Dvorin, Key Tov's featured vocalist and bandleader, traveled to Israel at the beginning of March to produce the two latest Key Tov music videos. The first video, which will accompany Key

07Feb. 2017

Over Half a Million Views on Key Tov’s Hashem Melech Music Video!

Released to the world on May 17, 2014, Key Tov's widely poplar Hashem Melech music video has surpassed half a million views! This hit YouTube video burst onto the scene as a viral internet sensation and continues to be watched and shared on a large-scale basis. This song has been

31Jan. 2017

New Key Tov Project is Underway!

This month, Key Tov headed back to the recording studio to begin a new and exciting music project! The recording sessions began on January 8th, and spanned the course of 2 1/2 weeks. In classic Key Tov style, this recording features Key Tov's 6-piece horn section, a string section consisting