Adobe Photoshop PDFThe wait is over! After numerous requests, Elliot Dvorin and Key Tov release their first full-length music album titled, World-Class Jewish Music.

The album features some of the best original music by Key Tov including previously released single tracks as well as never heard original tracks recorded for the album.

The songs included are:

  1. Hashem Melech
  2. Hanukkah Song Mashup
  3. Bo Lirkod
  4. Passover Songs Mashup
  5. Sasson V’Simchaelliot-dvorin-key-tov-orchestra-back-cover-final
  6. Israel Songs for Peace Mashup
  7. Yigdal (featuring Kol Ish
  8. Mi Bon Siach (featuring Kol Ish)
  9. Come and Dance
  10. Od Yishama LIVE!

The album is available for digital download as well as in CD format.
Get the new album here: