One week after releasing¬†Meheira | Can You Feel The Love Tonight, the Key Tov Orchestra has released its first duet, featuring Doreen Kane, whose sweet voice has been melting hearts all around the world in this cover of Danny Sanderson’s Zeh Hakol Bishvilech.

The original song has been written by Danny Sanderson, who also recorded it in a duet with Mazi Cohen. The song talks about the love a man feels for a woman, who in her turn warns him not to be naive, for in this world dreams mean nothing without action (you can read the lyrics in Hebrew and English in the description of the video on YouTube).

Danny Sanderson is an Israeli musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist, who in 2005 received a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to Israeli music.

This is the first Key Tov Orchestra’s music video featuring a female guest singer.