On Thursday, June 7, 2018, the Key Tov Orchestra released its newest music video: Meheira | Can You Feel The Love Tonight mashup.

The video features Elliot Dvorin, the founder, lead singer, and director of Key Tov Orchestra, singing while playing the piano in the recording studio. A beautiful rendition that will surely touch your heart.

This mashup was originally created by the Jewish a cappella group Kol Ish, which was co-founded by Elliot Dvorin when he was a student at the University of Maryland. Since then, the song has also been performed by other music groups, especially at weddings.

The idea to record this song came after Elliot realized that, despite having performed this mashup so many times with both Kol Ish and Key Tov Orchestra, he had no high-quality recordings available of it to share with Key Tov’s audience.

Meheira is an original song by Yaakov Shwekey, which comes from the seven blessings of the Jewish wedding ceremony (Sheva Brachot). Can You Feel The Love Tonight is a song by Elton John, which is featured in Disney’s award-winning motion picture The Lion King.

This song was recorded and produced at the Victorian Recording studio in Barrington, Illinois.